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hi everyone how are you this video is going to be a great one I have a really special guest his name is Simba, and we're going to answer a question I get pretty often and that is people who want to open a pet store, so I thought why not have a pet in the video um hopefully he will sit here and not break anything the whole video let's see placing mistake so there a couple of things about opening a pet store number one um it's going to require Samsung has some substantial capital because you will need to get a lease and have employees and have inventory stuff like that I'll get into it a little the other thing is that whereas in the past where you could have gotten kind of revenue from recurring sales of pet food and stuff like that most people don't want to carry the pet food from your store to their home, and they just order the telephone online, so there's an issue of you're facing a trend of decreasing sales right, and you're losing those sales to the online stores like there's a million pet stores online pet food stores right so let's talk about these issues, so the number one thing is how do you how do you know how much money to come up with for the store and how do you come up with that money so if you've seen my other videos before um they weren't as good because they didn't have a cat in them, so this is like a business cat video anyway anyway what you have to do is do something like it's called a cash flow statement, and it's basically just the just a fancy name for a glorified you know like just the itemized list of all your expenses and there's going to be expenses that you're gonna incur before you open the store you know like buy the inventory legal fees whatever like a lot you know getting the least getting licenses and then there's going to be expenses that you're gonna incur after you open the store you know feeling refilling your inventory employee salary utility bills things like that so and also when you open your store you're not just going to have you're going to have income coming in right you're going to have sales and so it's going to be important stay symbol for the whole video come on look he's cute maybe you can pace over there so anyway uh, so it's going to be really important okay by simple geography is a for you to figure out um how much money you will need right you will need to open your store for about you know like usually you want to give yourself at least like twelve months to maybe eighteen months of runway, and you really need to figure out which items are going to sell because uh the sales environment for story is kind of changing like I mentioned earlier like the online sales are you know you're losing your sales to the online world right because people just don't want to buy like heavy bags of dog food cat litter you know they just want to get it delivered, so you're gonna have to figure out how your store can sustain itself and what is going to sell and that's the research you're going to have to do...
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